“I love Jen’s classes! Each one consists of different activities that are a full body workout. She’s knowledgeable; challenging me both physically and mentally. I also enjoy the nutritional tips each week.” -Megan P.

“I have taken the yoga classes and I highly recommend J&J Movement Factory. Everyone is kind and knowledgeable – no judgement – and the classes are really enjoyable.” –Julie H.

“I took my daughter and a friend to the kids yoga (my daughter is a shy nervous nelly and actually cried about going) and they really enjoyed themselves, she asked me after to sign her up for the 4 package deal. If anyone is considering definitely give it a shot.” -Casey H.

“After a few years of running, I decided I was ready for a full marathon. In order to stay injury free, I knew I would have to strength train… I really do not like to strength train. Enter Jen’s classes; not only did I stay injury free throughout my training, I have gone on to become a stronger, more efficient runner. And I owe it to the awesome classes that I LOVE from J&J Movement Factory!” -Amy M.

“I highly recommend J&J Movement Factory….you get a great workout and it’s fun, different exercises every week. The Restorative Yoga with Mel is so relaxing and tranquil. She also has a Gentle Flow yoga class for those that are looking for more of a “gentle” type of yoga. I require some adaptations on some of the poses and she is very willing to make those changes for me, as is Jen M. in the small group training class.”  -Jody P.

“I never regret going. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are at. This is the perfect class for everyone and it’s worth every penny!!” -Jessica B.

“This is an amazing class! Different workout every week with a class of friendly ladies at all different levels of fitness. I’ve been a part of this class for almost 3 years and without a doubt, it’s the best gift I’ve ever given myself! I’ve gained strength, confidence, energy, knowledge and friendship.” –Emily W.

“Prior to class I had no idea on how to use gym equipment, and now feel confident when attending by myself. It is a fun, self-esteem building, judgment-free class.”  -Tori D.

“I have been attending Jen’s classes for several years now. Every week she provides a different series of stations and exercises… you never know what she has planned! She customizes every workout and is very quick to provide modifications for those needing less/more of a challenge. The workouts are tough, but not impossible. You will definitely feel it though! That in addition to a great group of women, a clean environment, and awesome music make Jen’s classes something I highly recommend!” Amy K.

“Jen’s workouts are defintely challenging and I’m usually sore the next day, but I always leave her class feeling good about myself! Jen does a great job of modifying exercises to fit everyone’s needs and she always has suggestions for at-home exercises. What I like most is that every class is different so I never get bored. If you’re stuck in a rut and looking for a new, challenging workout then give Jen a call!” Teresa H.

“I LOVE this place. At first, I was nervous because I normally enjoy working out alone. Not anymore!!! Jen, the amazing trainer knows what she is doing and is fantastic. The time goes by so fast and I don’t dread going there. I am anxious to get there!! Try it!! You won’t be sorry!” -Christy M.

“I love going to classes at J&J. You have the best, most welcoming instructors. They make every workout possible for all levels of fitness and abilities.  I love going to classes with friendly people and so much acceptance.” -Tina M.

“Each workout is tailored to you, so you can achieve whatever goals you have. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just someone that wants to tone up, you WILL reach your goal. Jen is always willing to share her expert knowledge and answer any questions you come up with. Her tips on nutrition are excellent and her dedication is clear. I can’t recommend her enough!”  Amber T.

Be Strong. Be Fit. Be Healthy.

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